Thursday, December 17, 2009

Down Home Downtown Cookbook

Just thought I would throw this on the new blog. It's Holiday time and you know what that means. Long lines at the store, bitchy checkout clerks and smelly patrons ruining your afternoons and evenings. Why go to the store when you can go to the restaurant or the winery or online.
Yes you can have this wonderful cookbook featuring 2 Chefs, yes I said 2 Chefs, (Down Home: Jeff Mall from Zin restaurant, Healdsburg Ca. and Downtown: Josh Silvers from Syrah restaurant Santa Rosa, Ca.), pairing seasonal ingredients over all 4 seasons. Try some of the recipes on your friends and taste yummy Rodney Strong Wines paired with each dish. Your friends will go gaga over this amazingly illustrated book, by "ME" at Alan Campbell Photography, images covering the bounty and beauty of our own Sonoma County. Quickly run out and get one! That crazy gift giving day is just around the corner!
Sounds like an infomercial. All we need is the Lady with the really long super manicured fingernails to wave her magic hand over the image of the book. Try it out, you like it, the book, not the waving of the hand. I know, don't say it, selfless promotion. Gotta do it!


  1. Alan, your blog and photography are so impressive. very beautiful to look at and read.

  2. Your book is fantastic! thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent!